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You need to figure out if you’re a poet or a ghost

Hamlet, Marcellus, Horatio and the Ghost, by Robert Thew, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Open Access collection online.

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A two part question from a reader:

Q : I’ve really wanted to ask you: how do you get better at writing faster? …

Illustration showing Asian Americans protesting, covid virus, anti-Asian hate on the streets, small businesses closing, portraying a tumultuous 2020.
Illustration by Mark Wang for GEN

The Conversation

Alexander Chee and Cathy Park Hong on how the pandemic has cracked open discrimination against Asian American communities

In the fall of 2019 I received an email from the poet and critic Cathy Park Hong telling me she had written an essay collection, Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning. She asked me to read it and consider it for a blurb. I receive roughly three or four requests…

Lee Isaac Chung’s film took me through his past and into my own family’s story

Yeri Han, Noel Kate Cho, Steven Yeun, and Alan S. Kim, from the cast of “Minari.” Photo: A24

I’ve had the feeling of following the film Minari around for a few months now since the first time I saw the trailer last year. I guessed Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari would be different to me from just about any other film I’d seen from how, even those two minutes…

TV Diary

I hoped watching The Durrells In Corfu would offer an escape from the dark of winter, but instead, found a meditation on the male bumbler.

Last month, as the winter began, I was hoping to escape but there was nowhere to go: the surge of cases due to holiday travel had filled the hospitals across the country, and the weather was cold, which made socializing into cold walks with friends where we wore masks and…

The stories we have about apocalypse don’t seem to take in how they are actually happening in real time. So what are they even for?

A painted tableau of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the sky parting behind them, soldiers in disarray below them.
Victor Vasnetsov’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, through Wikipedia Commons

I have a new essay at the New Republic, a review of the new novels by Don DeLillo and Jonathan Lethem. I wrote about how their novels seem to describe different parts of the same apocalypse — the DeLillo describing the day it happened, and the Lethem telling a story…

Internet Diary 12/22–12/29

Dreams, recipes, links, unsent tweets, facts that stick around.

A dark cloud against lighter clouds, framed on three sides by tree branches.
Somewhere in the Catskills in 2018. Author’s own.

“I’m sorry, I can’t read anything right now, but have fun with it!”

— Unsent tweet from my draft’s file, with no available context, back in March.

I woke up the other day to the sound of a doorbell. My husband was still asleep. I got up and went to…

Your Questions Answered

The first spell you cast as a writer, you cast on yourself.

A highway in Vermont, lined with trees, and white clouds and mountains in the distance against a blue sky.

What is often lost in talk of craft in writing is the exploration of sentiment, and as a result what is almost never discussed is how sentiment is described or even conjured, so this is a good question for aiming at that topic directly. So much advice about writing acts…

Your Questions Answered

To prepare for a MFA in writing, focus on community and a writing practice first.

It is MFA application season, and I’ve received a number of variations on this question from students to which I have a single answer, and so I’ve decided to offer that answer here.

I typically do not answer as to their readiness with a single yes or no — I…

Alexander Chee

Author of the novels THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT and EDINBURGH, and the essay collection HOW TO WRITE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL.

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